Your next visit with us is going to be a little different. You know what? That’s okay. It’s okay that its going to be different as long as mops can be chopped, brows can be waxed, and nails can be polished. HALLELUJAH!


We are SO ecstatic to announce that Wilder & Co. Salon will be reopening on June 8th!



During the days leading up to our reopening, we will be spending time in the salon getting situated with the new guidelines & protocols. We’ve all opted to take a COVID Sanitation class to best prepare for the reality that is our foreseeable future at the salon! This time will give us the chance to get acquainted with the new safety gear, and ultimately, will allow us to uphold the safety standards and the guest experience we’re known for.




Here's what you can expect:

We’ve all expanded our hours to give you more access to our services. We’re observing social distancing after we open, so while there will be fewer people in the salon, we’ve increased our hours of operation to make up for that. For the time being, your favorite pro may be on a slightly different schedule - so be aware of that as you’re booking.




The welcome experience:

+ Please arrive as close to the time of your appointment as possible. We ask that you stay in your car until your stylist texts or calls you to come inside for your appointment. We will be thoroughly cleaning in between clients so it’s important for us to have that transition time to prepare for your appointment.


+ We ask that any guests without an appointment (this includes guests of all ages - adults + children) temporarily stay safe and stay home during this time. Of course, children with appointments are welcome and may be accompanied by an adult. We plan to resume the community vibe in our waiting area as soon as we are safely able to do so.


+ You’ll still be greeted with a smile, you just may not see it. Yep, masks. On every single stylist.


+ Guests must wear masks, too. If you don’t have one of your own, ASK! We will be offering masks for $10 if you forget to bring one or don’t have one at the time of your appointment. Unfortunately at this time if you don’t have a mask we will be unable to provide your service. Periodically you may see a guest without a mask, but that’s only when their service literally doesn’t allow it to be on.


+ We’re encouraging self-temperature checks and self-assessments to confirm everyone’s healthy - both to come to work and to enjoy the service.


+ Free sips (La Croix and Good & Gather) are still available. For Water, Coffee & Tea you will need to provide your own water bottles or to-go coffee cups and we will happily fill you up with your favorite beverages. But at this time we won’t be providing any beverages in our reusable cups like usual.


+ We recommend bringing a book or magazine to read during your appointment. All magazines have temporarily been removed. If you need a charger for your phone, we have you covered!


+ We would all love nothing more than to give you a BIG SQUEEZE as soon as we see you. For now, let’s all agree on air hugs and air handshakes. 




How we plan to stay clean and safe:

+Like always, our salon is professionally deep cleaned regularly with hospital-grade disinfectant on all high touch areas. But now we will be teaming up to continually be cleaning throughout the day. Our team will be focused on sanitizing all areas, surfaces, and implements that are guest-facing like door handles, countertops, etc.


+ Hand Sanitizer and various personal care products will continue to be abundantly available all throughout our salon.


+ All artists will be wearing masks. Hand washing is the gold standard, but in addition, some artists may wear gloves, so long as the service can allow for it.


+ Don’t be surprised if your artist guides you to grab sanitizer or do a thorough hand wash before your service begins.


+ All of the Wilder & Co. artists have completed a sanitation class focused on COVID-19 preparedness.


+ Chairs in our salon are spaced out more than 6ft apart and include thorough sanitation between each guest visit.




Checking out:

 + If you’ve paid with cash in the past, plan to come cashless to your next appointment as we are all using our Square systems for a cleaner and safer payment option. We all take Credit and Debit with our Square readers. You can also purchase an E-Giftcard online and have a complete transaction free appointment! Reach out to your stylist for more information on that payment method.


+ If you’d like to purchase retail during your visit, your artist will help collect your products for you and place them in a to go bag. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we can make sure to get you set up with your favorite products before leaving your appointment!


We will still be providing shipping for product and merchandise orders along with bringing back a curbside pickup option!


The well-being of our guests, our team, and their families remains a focus for how we operate. Self-care is always a priority in our book — and especially in times like these. Thank you for continuing to place your trust in our salon and the diligence of our team.

Trust us when we say, we cannot wait to welcome you back home.